Our Story

In 2006, Lynn Israelson, the founder of Canine Crossing, adopted a 6 week old Great Dane/Greyhound puppy (Nala) from the Coon Rapids Humane Society. Shortly after, the pet food industry was hit by a massive food recall. At the time of the recall, Nala was eating one of the so-called "good foods" that were recalled. Thankfully, Nala was very fortunate and was not affected. After the recall, Lynn started to do her own research on the quality of food she was feeding Nala. Lynn realized the big corporate pet food companies were spending more money on deceptive marketing and advertising than the quality of their products. Lynn was determined to get the word out about what people are feeding their pets.


On July 17, 2009, Lynn opened Canine Crossing. Immediately Lynn was stunned by how many dogs and cats had so many medical problems. Lynn has seen dogs and cats with everything from allergies, sensitive stomach, hot spots, hair loss, obesity, diabetes, urinary tract infections and inflammatory bowel disease.


Lynn has come to the conclusion that almost every dog and cat had the same common denominator: they were all eating low quality commercial pet food.


This has made Lynn even more determined to educate pet owners on the importance of exercise and a nutritious, well balanced diet.


Since this journey began over 7 years ago, Lynn has not only seen the effects of low quality dog food, but has also been enlightened on another problem – puppy mills and backyard breeders. Lynn has made it her mission to do everything she can to educate pet owners not only to the problems of a poor quality diet, but to the importance of adopting a dog in need.

Serving the Northern Suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul including: Andover, Ham Lake, East Bethel, Blaine, Coon Rapids, Oak Grove, Anoka, St. Francis, Isanti, and Cambridge. 


1574 154th AVE NW
Andover, MN 55304

{Conveniently located off of Hanson BLVD}  


763 - 205 - 3751

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